four new and Positive changes coming to squash

four new and Positive changes coming to squash


Phase 1 February 2024
Phase 2 February 2025
Taking the Squash experience to the next level with our mobile-friendly, new digital engagement tool for competitive and casual players, administrators, officials, coaches and supporters.

New Grading system

February 2024
Aligning the existing NZ grading structure with the world’s most accurate, dynamic and global rating system.

Kotahitanga - Unity

January 2025
Unite for a stronger squash community through a new affiliation model for clubs and subscription method for players and supporters.

Club uplift

March 2024
The Club Uplift is a challenge to all clubs to enhance their facilities, better manage their clubs, and improve the programs they offer to enhance the experience of members and participants.

BECOME A Local Club Change Leader

We’re looking for club change leaders to help us introduce exciting changes coming to squash in New Zealand. As change leaders within your club, you play a pivotal role in reshaping squash and helping to introduce upcoming changes.