LATEST AnnouncementS

Grading System Update

Over the next 24 hours some improvements will be made to the SquashLevels algorithm based on feedback and observations over the first month

Club Uplift Challenge launched!

Uplift your club with our wide range of support in the areas of facilities, coaching and upskilling volunteers & programmes

SquashLevels Webinar Recording

Learn more about how the new grading system for squash players in NZ works, powered by SquashLevels. Grading points are out, Levels are in!

MySquash Launch Announcement

MySquash is live - register now!

SquashLevels Launches in New Zealand

The globally acclaimed SquashLevels rating system is to be implemented in New Zealand in 2024

Change Management Intro from Sport NZ

Byron Huntley from Sport NZ welcomes our club change leaders and share some tips for being an effective change leader in your club.

Welcome Club Change Leaders!

Let's start building the future of squash together