Club Uplift

March 2024

Questions & Answers

Survey data from 2021 showed that Squash is underdelivering on having clean, warm and quality courts available for our participants, which is impacting on the player experience.  We also know that the availability of quality coaching increases the attraction of new members and retention of existing members.

Squash NZ will lead and support clubs to enhance and excel in facility upgrades, running their club, and the programmes they provide for their members. We want volunteers to be energised and motivated to want to improve their club.

This support will assist clubs to be more vibrant and sustainable through creating a greater experience for their members with warm, clean and welcome facilities, attracting and retaining more members through engaging programmes, and making it easier for volunteers to manage their club with good decision-making.

There are three main objectives for this initiative,

1)     Support clubs and provide guidance on how they can maintain, enhance and upgrade their facilities including courts, lounge, changing rooms and building.

2)     Support growing the capability of club volunteers using our learning platform.

3)     Provide guidance to clubs on how to run coaching and inhouse programmes, incorporating both professional and volunteer coaches.

·       Increased member satisfaction through creating a more welcoming environment

·       Positive participant experiences with quality coaching

·       Increased revenue through greater member attraction and retention

·       Increased accessibility to squash courts through casual non-member bookings

·       Increased volunteer attraction, satisfaction and retention

·       Support clubs to complete an Asset Management Plan.

·       Creation of a National Working Bee to inspire and motivate clubs and their members to take pride and invest in their facility.

·       Obtain procurement and group buying options to save clubs money.

·       Lead and support facility upgrade programmes for clubs to improve the participant experience around creating warm, modern and welcoming facilities.

·       Creation of case studies, templates, resources and guidance for clubsthrough our online learning platform SquashSmart.

·       Working with pilot clubs to engage professional coaching services and the creation of quality professional coaching programmes.

Along with the continual development of case studies, resources and pilot programmes, the following are key dates for the next 12 months,

·       Oct 2023 - Club facility survey to build a network of tradespeople and suppliers

·       Oct 2023 - Club coaching survey to understand the current coaching landscape

·       Oct 2023 - Sport NZ Voice of Participant member survey released

·       Feb 2024 - Launch of additional resources and benefits

·       Mar 2024 - National Working Bee on 9 March 2024

·       Mid-2024 - Club coaching promotion

·       March-May - Identify club uplift facility projects

We will seek feedback and suggestions from clubs on resources for future development or case studies.

The initiative is aligned to our purpose of supporting our clubs to be vibrant and sustainable and to enhance the health and happiness of our communities via playing squash and a sense of belonging to clubs.  

Along with Coach Development being a strategic priority, we also have a National Facility Strategy supported by actual club and participant insights driving the initiative.