Phase 1 - January 2024 & Phase 2 - February 2025

Questions & Answers

  • All current graded players should have now received a welcome email inviting them to sign up for MySquash. If you haven't received one, please email with your first name, last name and DOB so this can be resent. Existing players must use the link in the welcome email to sign up.
  • We've created a video guide to help you sign up via the welcome email here and a guide for navigating MySquash here.
  • From the second week in February, new players will be able to start signing up for a MySquash account via a link on the Squash NZ website.

In 2024 clubs will cover the cost of access to MySquash for their members. In mid-2024 we will release more information on the new player subscription model which will be implemented with the phase 2 rollout, where new features will be released and players will have different subscription options available depending on the features they wish to access. More information around this can be found on the Kotahitanga-Unity change page.

In order to make the MySquash profile registration process as simple as possible for players, existing profile data from iSquash will be transferred to MySquash. Players will connect their profiles using their iSquash player code. Historic match data will also be transferred via SquashLevels, so players will still be able to see their last 12 months’ worth of match history in MySquash.

Yes, you will be able to enter these through iSquash as per normal. However, you will still need to activate your MySquash account before entries close so that your new grading information will be updated within the tournament.

iSquash will continue to be used as a competition-only platform and players will require a login to both iSquash and MySquash for 2024 only. During 2024, iSquash will be completely rebuilt with new features ready for the 2025 season, which will be accessed only via MySquash removing the need for dual logins across both platforms.

Tournaments and interclub will still be run through iSquash.  Player SquashLevels rating and grades will be managed via an automated connection between MySquash and iSquash. Players wishing to update their profile details in iSquash will need to contact their club administrator in 2024. Players can update their own MySquash profile details.